Reliable communication is essential to your business. Whether you have a small, medium, or large company, you need to be certain that customers can reach you and that you can talk to vendors, suppliers, shippers, and others. One of the best ways to ensure excellent customer service is with the use of VoIP phones. VoIP, voice over Internet protocol, is a way to utilize your data network for voice communications. A network operations center will provide you with high-quality voice and data needs for your fast-growing business.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP Phones?

There are many benefits to utilizing VoIP phones. VoIP devices are extremely reliable because they run through your data network. Calls through the network are clear and crisp, without any delays. You can eliminate the need for a separate PBX system or a business phone system through a carrier. You won’t need land lines for your phone system so that you can reduce your monthly bills. Calls over the network are efficient and cost-effective. VoIP phones are feature-rich and give you plenty of options.


VoIP Features

Voice over IP offers you many features that you can utilize for communications. You will enjoy access to all of the standard business phone system features, along with any new features that become available. Your provider will upgrade the software when new options arrive, so you will always be on the cutting edge of technology. You can choose the phone configuration and features that will make your business more customer service oriented. For instance, you may have access to features such as transfer, forwarding, conferencing, and many others.

How Important Are Voice Communications?

Voice communications are the backbone of your company. They connect you with your customers, even if you don’t have a brick and mortar location. When you plan your data network, it is essential to factor in voice communications. You rely on your voice services at all times of the day and night. If your phone system is inadequate, it will cause you to lose customers and will reduce your business profits. VoIP gives you confidence that you can properly satisfy the needs of your customers.


Network Operations

A network operations center provides you with the reliable data and voice systems you need to compete in the marketplace. A skilled team will oversee the operations of your network 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about down time. The team will resolve any issues quickly so you won’t have any significant service interruption. Our operations center is like an extension of your network department.  Our trained technicians around the clock to ensure that your system operates optimally. We offer proactive system maintenance and upgrades so you can provide world-class customer service. Our experts will work with you to provide a system that meets your current and future needs. We give you peace of mind that your network and phone system will always function properly. Contact our team at Data Safe to learn more about how we can help your company succeed.