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Structured Cabling

Data Safe structured cabling support includes: Cat6, Fiber Optic, Cable Testing. Whatever your cabling needs are,
Data Safe is here to help.

Structured Cabling Support - Cat6 Cabling

Every company wants to get the greatest performance from its existing equipment. Successful businesses also want to be ready when that equipment is replaced. Installing Cat 6 cabling in your business will guarantee improved performance.


As managed IT providers, Data Safe will install a Cat 6 cable system that can handle any server or terminal equipment, such as switches, routers, workstations and printers. The new cabling will provide greater speed and longer service than previous generations of cables.


While Cat 6 cabling may look very similar to Cat 5 or earlier cabling, there are considerable differences. The Cat 6 cables are designed to provide greater speed to meet today’s needs. It is more durable, and some common sense protocols for installing it as a means of getting the greatest use and avoiding problems in the future.


Cabling is a vital part of any system because it is what carries the information to the various devices. However, it is just one part within the network system, where all components have to work together.


Therefore, when planning a new system, do not forget to pay close attention to the cabling. Be sure that Cat 6 cables are being installed. Doing this will have any system operation ready to handle future upgrades.


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Structured Cabling Support Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic is slowly becoming the new face of modern telecommunication as it is replete with plenty of features that set it apart from other transmission media such as coaxial cables.

For one, fiber optic offers amazing speeds which can peak up to 1.05 PBps. Such speeds come from the idea that light travels at extremely fast speeds, and hence data can be transmitted with these speeds too. Additionally, fiber is intolerant to eavesdropping.

However, despite the many appraisals that fiber optic gets, its installation process cannot be compared to a walk in the park. There are plenty of things that need to be put into consideration. Some of these things include: cable type, environment, and cable ratings.


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