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Why SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365?

Have you moved critical data from on-premises apps to cloud-based apps such as Microsoft 365? Are you doing all you can to keep it safe? SaaS applications don’t provide the deeper layers of protection you need. We explain how they fall short in our eBook

DOWNLOAD – Why SaaS isn’t Backup

With SaaS Protection, your cloud data will be backed up 3 times a day, to a separate, secure environment for quick and painless restore when needed. Accidental or malicious employee deletions, third-party app overwrites, no matter what the cause, you’ll never have to worry about losing a single byte of critical data again.

Here’s a look at how it can help keep your business-critical data secure.

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365 or have been using the platform for years, unexpected data loss can happen to anyone. To see how easy it is to protect Microsoft 365, get in touch with our product experts today! Sales@datasafellc.com

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