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The Hurricane Disaster Recovery Checklist for Businesses

With the start of hurricane season, we wanted to provide you with a simple checklist as a reminder of basic steps to take to ensure you are ready to support your customers throughout the event.

So here it is - Disaster Recovery Checklist:

1. Check recent backups on all production machines. Remember that you can use the Status Page to ensure all expected volumes are protected.

2. Ensure recent backups were sent successfully to the cloud (or other DR site) for each production machine.

3. Verify recent functional screenshots of each production machine to validate your ability to recover.

4. Make sure that any site you/your end users go to have power generation, Internet, and cell phone connectivity.

5. Take corrective action as soon as possible.

In the event of a hurricane, Data Safe Group in partnership with Datto is more than ready to support you and your business with additional support staff and increased Code Red resources to help with critical backup and recovery efforts.

Not prepared? Contact us for a Complimentary Assessment so you can be.

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