• Charles Goldberg

Build Your Local Network with Strategic Technology Partners

If you're a New Jersey commercial realtor, you might already know these five attributes that prospective clients look for before deciding to work with you:

  • experience,

  • local expertise,

  • marketing skills,

  • accessibility, and

  • a strong network.

Looking at the last attribute closely, you’ll want to show your clients that you are well connected to the local community and within the commercial real estate industry. What having a strong network means to your client is that you are a resource to them in matters that go beyond real estate transactions.

At Data Safe Group, we value the work you do and would like to help strengthen your network by serving as your preferred managed IT referral to your clients. At Data Safe Group, we can help drive your client’s business by managing risk with enterprise level technology in cybersecurity, data backup, cloud, and managed security services. For your commercial real estate clients, we offer all technological setup services such as wiring, network installation and monitoring, cabling, phone line setup and more.

Studies show that managing IT disasters and digital network downtime are two of the highest rated operational issues faced by businesses. Allow us the opportunity to offer value to your clients and further establish your network of local commercial resources. Please schedule a call with us.

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