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IT Network
Installation Services

With Data Safe IT Network Installation, we ensure the proper network is installed to support your IT needs on a daily basis.

IT Network
Installation Service

Data Safe is here to ensure that you get the best experience in your network installation process. Everything, from cabling to device installations to ensure success now and future growth readiness.


As you plan for your network installation, planning

for the future is a huge part of successful structured cabling. Cable networks are applied these days to such a wide variety of situations, and it is important to have a realistic view of the future of the network you are working on.

Using up-to-date, top-of-the-line technology will ensure that the network will last as long as possible before it needs to be updated.

It is also important to consider the possible future growth of the network, and that of the residence, company, or business it is being applied to.

IT Network Installation Planning

We install networks that are
100% secure

We support all company sizes

Ready for future growth

Installation work done as fast
as possible

Installation process is efficiently managed

Data Safe will provide network support 24 hours a day

You can request a remote
or on-site support

IT Network Installation

Whatever your IT network installation needs are,

Data Safe IT experts are standing by to assist you.

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Cable Testing

As networks are utilized and needed in more situations, and structured network cabling is applied to more locations and circumstances, the proficiency of the materials and supplies used becomes more and more important.


Cables are constantly being invented and developed to be safer and to hold up longer and more effectively to harsher conditions. Cable testing has become a dependable way both to control the quality of newly made cable and cable network systems and also to troubleshoot issues that arise in already existing cable network systems.


Many of these tools are of use mainly to network cabling professionals, though a few are designed to help laymen problem-solve there own network issues. As new cables are invented and pushed to the next level of use and application, so too is the standardization of these cables and tools.


Thus, many cabling tests are run for the sake of certification and assurance that the cable stands up to the proper qualifications. Others test to make sure electrical levels and connectivity are functioning properly.

Ensure Cable Proficiency

Cables Properly Tested

Troubleshoot Cable Issues

Ensure Electrical Levels are correct

Ensure Connectivity

Ensure Proper Functionality